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Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. resonator pipes are made from top quality materials and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. We support and sell resonator pipes from the following highend manufacturers of resonator pipes such as Walker, Bosal, Ultrafit, AP Exhaust, API (Auto Part International), Exhaust Direct, and of course our own high quality popular brand SEL (Sunrise Exhaust Ltd).

Resonator Pipes create smoother driving conditions, reduce excessive exhaust noise and enhance engine performance. It enhances the muffler job of reducing engine noise without depleting the efficiency or power from the engine. Without the resonator pipe, the exhaust system will sound slightly louder with a harsher note. It is often installed between the catalytic converter and the muffler.


Manufacturers develop their own specific “sound” for their vehicles to make sure that the sounds that resonate from your vehicle while you’re driving are pleasant. Exhaust pulses entering the exhaust system at the engine are filled with high and low frequency sounds. Exhaust resonator pipes create additional sound waves, which effectively modify the exhaust system noise. The exhaust resonator pipe may prevent chassis rattling. The resonator pipe also helps the vehicle produce horsepower with less fuel consumption.

Very often as an add-on feature, resonator pipes are designed in custom exhaust systems (for example, on performance cars) to produce the deep, throaty sound that their drivers desire and love to hear.

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