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Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. carry all types of high efficiency, safety and space-saving catalytic converters for cars and small trucks.  We support and sell catalytic converters from the following highend manufacturers of catalytic converters such as Walker, Bosal, Ultrafit, AB Catalytic, Catco, Schultz, AP Exhaust, A CAT Exhaust, and of course our own high quality popular brand SEL (Sunrise Exhaust Ltd).

Catalytic Converters (sometimes known as “cats” or “cat-cons”) form an integral part of a vehicle’s emission control system and is mandatory on all vehicles sold and operated in Canada and the United States. It is mounted between the exhaust manifold and the muffler. The main purpose of this component of the exhaust system is to reduce air pollutants that are released into the atmosphere by converting the harmful, smog-producing emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to water vapor and carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides to less harmless nitrogen.


The catalytic converter is the large metal box, situated after the exhaust manifold. It has two pipes coming out of it. The one that connects to the engine via the front pipe is referred to as the converter’s “input” and brings in hot, polluted fumes from the engine’s cylinders where the fuel burns to produce the power for the vehicle. The second pipe is referred as the converter’s “output” and is connected to the exhaust pipe. As the fumes from the engine blow over the catalyst, chemical reactions take place on its surface and it changes the chemical composition of the exhaust gases, breaking apart the pollutant gases and converting them into less harmless gases before it is expelled out into the air.

Sometimes the catalytic converter may become clogged and will need to be replaced. Symptoms include loss of power, over heating which may emanate through the floor of your car, or a sulfur smell. Do not be convinced that you can do without the catalytic converter. Removing it and/or not replacing this component may be illegal in most provinces/states.

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