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Sunrise Exhaust Ltd. stock quality oxygen sensors that will ensure your engine is running at top performance. Replace a faulty oxygen sensor with confidence using one of our brands. We support and sell oxygen sensors from the following highend manufacturers of oxygen sensors such as NTK and Bosch.

Oxygen Sensors in an automobile exhaust system make electronic fuel injection and emission control possible. The oxygen sensor, also known as a lambda sensor, is an electronic device used to indirectly measure the air-fuel ratio in the automobile to determine the correct mixture of air to fuel for maximum power, fuel economy, and emission control. It can be mounted in/near the exhaust manifold, or in front of the catalytic converter. The actual number of oxygen sensors for a car or light truck depends on the year, make, model and engine of the vehicle.


There is an ideal ratio of oxygen to gasoline required for optimum performance, which varies slightly depending on different types of gas used in the vehicle. When there is less oxygen present, fuel will remain after combustion. This is referred to as a rich mixture. On the other hand, when there is more oxygen present it is referred to as a lean mixture. Both the rich and lean mixtures are bad for your car, as well as for the environment. A rich mixture results in fuel that is not burned and creates pollution. A lean mixture generates nitrogen-oxide pollutants. The oxygen sensor help determine if the air–fuel ratio in an engine is rich or lean. Both can lead to decreased vehicle performance and engine damage.

Worn out oxygen sensors can cause poor fuel economy and driveability, failed emission tests, damage of the car’s catalytic converter and expensive repairs. The vehicle’s emissions controls should be in optimal form and the oxygen sensor plays a vital role in this process.

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